Mary L. Flett, Ph.D.


I am passionate about helping people age better and age well. I can help you embrace the shift that aging brings. 


I continue to learn and grow as I age.  I will share what I have learned with you and support you in achieving the quality of life you want.


I have been helping people age better and age well for over 20 years. I share my wisdom and experience, as well as compassion and humor with everyone I work with.

How I Can Help You

Aging is an active sport! How are you going to navigate the next 20 years of your life? 
I am here to help you age better and age well through planning, evaluating, and managing the challenges that aging brings.

Aging In Place

Where we live as we grow older is no longer only about downsizing and weather.  Understanding your options is essential in supporting you as your functioning changes.

Join us! It will only take a minute

Client Testimonials


I can’t begin to thank you enough for our counseling session. It helped a great deal!”

Cindi & Pat

“I appreciate the insight you shared with us (individually and together) and tools for the future.I am grateful for your generous spirit and fantastic sense of humor”


“Mary Flett has a broad knowledge base, a caring presence and an incredible sense of humor.”