Aging in Place Workshop

Where Will You Live as You Grow Old?

Assisted living? Age-restricted community? Co-housing? Shared housing? So many choices! Trends are changing on a daily basis. Options, however, are getting fewer and fewer.

This workshop will change how you think about where you are going to live!

Your Functional “Now” . . .

.. . . is a snapshot of how well you are able to do the things you want when you wnat and for how long. This includes your physical health, your living situation, your financial situation, and your connections to others. And it is going to change over time.

Your Functional “Future” . . .

. . . can be predicted using a questionnaire I developed that will reveal your strengths and vulnerabilities. Once we have an idea of what your “functional future” will look like, you can begin to make informed decisions about the quality of life you want as you age.

Creating Your Plan

I will share all my experience learned from working with folks who have made some really big mistakes in choosing their perfect retirement spot and from those who landed safely first time out.

Workshop Outline

Each 90- minute session includes tips, tricks, and exercises designed to help you make the best decision about where to age for you. It may be you move somewhere. It may be you stay put!

Session One

Assessing where you are in your aging process

Exploring quality of life areas

Determining your Top Three Essentials.

$ 25

Session Two

Looking into your crystal ball:

What will your functional future look like?

What will change short-term? Long-term?

$ 25

Session Three

Considering your options

Planning for the Unexpected: What is Your “Plan B”?

Determining your “best fit” and exploring what is available.

$ 25

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