Want to be more proactive in addressing aging? If you answer, “YES!”, this 6-week workshop is for you.

Learn skills that will support you in creating community, increase your knowledge of the aging process, and develop confidence in your ability to manage aging the way you want to age. 

Class limited to 8 participants — don’t miss out!


Groups meet for six consecutive weeks on Zoom for 90 minutes.
All sessions are facilitated by Dr. Mary Flett

Week One

  1. Why Your Chronological Age has little to do with Your Functional Age
  2. Finding Positive Role Models for Aging and How You Can Be One!
  3. Strategies for Navigating Growing Old in an Ageist Culture

$ 25

Week Two

  1. Are you Afraid to Grow Old? Confronting Stereotypes
  2. Learning to Have Difficult Conversations after 60: Money, Sex, & Death
  3. Creating Your Lifespan Support Team
  4. What Will Your Functional Future Look Like?

$ 25

Week Three

  1. Strategies For Managing Change Across the Lifespan
  2. Where Will You Live as You Age?
  3. Quality of Life as you Age: Eight Core Areas to Consider before you Retire

$ 25

Week Four

  1. What Does It Mean To “Retire” in the 21 st Century?
  2. Creating Purpose and Meaning After You Stop Working
  3. Personal Values and Their Role in Your Aging with Finesse
  4. Staying Visible as You Age

$ 25

Week Five

  1. What Does It Mean For You To Be Taken Care Of?
  2. Building Your Lifespan Care Team
  3. End of Life Paperwork
  4. What Is a Good Death for You?

$ 25

Week Six

  1. Investing in your Self-Worth along with your Net-worth
  2. Leaving a Legacy of Values

$ 25

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