Dr. Mary challenged us to write this week’s blog because, according to her, “You both just like to nap all day and play all night while I work my fingers to the bone to make enough money to pay for your food and your litter!”, or words to that effect. Bela and I stopped listening after “while I work my fingers . . .”

Let me share some background here. My name is Max and I came to live with Dr. Mary just over a year ago. I came all the way from Oklahoma and had been hanging out at the local pet shelter for a while. Some of you may know that black cats like me have a reputation for being unadoptable. Not because of who we really are, but because we have gotten such bad press for centuries as being evil! 

Charmed, I’m Sure

Anyway, I had been biding my time, just waiting for the right person to come in before I turned my charm on. Well, in walks Dr. Mary, all fired up about wanting to adopt a cat and talking with staff about how she had seen my picture on the website and what a handsome looking guy I was! (All of this is true! I am not exaggerating!).

So, the staff brought me into one of those “let’s-get-to-know-each-other” rooms where there is just enough space for all of us to check each other out. Just so happened that there was this other cat – just a kid really – who had been living on her own for some time, and had only recently been brought to the shelter. She was young and scrappy, but wasn’t real good at making friends, ya know? So, I had kinda taken it upon myself to act as her big brother.

Checking Things Out

Anyway, she was always hanging around with me, and was in the room when Dr. Mary came in. I took one look at Dr. Mary and decided she had good potential for being trained to properly care for a feline of my lineage. So, I went up to her, looked her in the eye and rubbed up against her leg.

The Kid just kinda hung out in the background. You know the type. Closed her eyes and pretended no one could see her because she had her eyes closed. Ha! Dr. Mary starts making all these silly noises, (like crazy cat people do, ya know?), and, since I am no stranger to turning on the charm, I responded with my big yellow-green eyes, looked up at her and just put her into a trance.

No Cat Left Behind

The shelter folks wanted to have at least a 30-minute get acquainted session, but it was clear, even to them, that I was going to be going home with Dr. Mary! Then the Kid started to realize that she was going to be left behind. Somehow, that silly girl figured out a way to bring Dr. Mary out of her black-cat-induced trance, and convince her that she needed to come too! Beats the heck out of me how she did that!

Boy, was I surprised! Well, and to be honest, I actually was kinda relieved, ‘cause I was beginning to feel a little bit guilty about leaving the Kid behind to fend for herself. Looking back on it now, this all just seemed like Kismet. The three of us were meant to come together. So off we went to our new home. I’ll let the Kid take it from here.

And Now, H-e-r-r-r-r-e-s Bela

Hi Everybody! I’m Bela! Well, that wasn’t my original name. That was Petunia. And Max – he was called “Wolfman”. It’s important to set the record straight, don’t you agree?

Even though Wolfman/Max didn’t grow up on the East Side of Sonoma like I did, he still learned some manners and has always been a true gentleman. Well, most of the time, I mean, it’s true what my mama told me before I was left in the vineyards to fend for myself, “Boys will be boys!”

Max still likes to come to my rear end and take a sniff or two, but I just lift my tail high, turn and swat him on his nose! That’s what my mama said to do, and she was right!

Coming in from the Cold

Now, where was I … Oh, yes!  I did have a rough start at life. I didn’t have a forever home, and it still takes me a while to really trust anyone. So, when I was caught and brought to the shelter, I was really, really terrified!

Now, I don’t know if you know that Dr. Mary is a psychologist!  And, she spent time when she was very, very young working in a wildlife rescue center!  When she was older, she also worked for a humane society, so she understands just how scared I really, truly was being put inside in a cage with other animals who didn’t have forever homes. And she just let me take my time.

Homeward Bound

I was lucky. Wolfy (as I first knew him), is just like a big brother to me. He is big and sleek and NOBODY fools with him (except me!). He really is a sweetie at heart and took very good care of me. So, when I saw that he had decided to go home with Dr. Mary, I just knew I had to do something to make sure we stayed together.

Well, all that worked out just swell!  When Dr. Mary brought us to her home, she let us out of the carriers and just let us explore and get accustomed to this new environment. I decided to just hide out for the first few days, just to see what would happen. I figured that Wolfy would let me know when it was okay to come out. Plus, I did get hungry and Dr. Mary gave us Churu (more about that in a bit!).

Changing of the Names

Here is the strange thing. Humans seem to need to give us names!  Doesn’t make any sense to me, but Dr. Mary started calling me different names and finally settled on “Bela” instead of Petunia, which is what I had been called in the shelter.

And, actually, turns out I prefer Bela!  It fits my personality better. And, same is true for Max. He really never was a “Wolverine”; just nice, steady, dependable, “Max”.

Nice Digs if You Can Get ‘Em

But back to Dr. Mary’s (now our) forever home. Let me tell you, it is P-O-S-H!  We have our own HUGE kitty litter box, separate dinner bowls and separate drinking bowls. Of course, I still prefer to drink out of the toilet and the bathtub (and so does Max), but at least we have plenty of choices!

And we have windows to look out of where we can see crows and vultures, and sparrows, and all kinds of neighbors who come over and say “hi” to us.

And we also have a cat tree where Max and I take turns napping and keeping track of all the squirrels and rabbits that live in the neighborhood. And all kinds of toys like pipe cleaners, bottle caps, and paper. Then there is the stuff that Dr. Mary bought for us, but those toys are BORING!

Practice Makes Perfect

Recently, Max and I have been training Dr. Mary on how to groom us every day. I prefer to be combed, followed by snuggles, followed by a treat (Churu!). Max prefers to be brushed, especially on his tummy, followed by a treat (Churu!). Dr. Mary calls the Churu “cat heroin”, but I don’t really understand what that means.

We have regular bed times and play times, and lots and lots of naps. And, we seem to be able to make Dr. Mary laugh a lot! All in all, I think we are going to stay here!

Well, that’s it from our forever home. Maybe Dr. Mary will let us write another blog sometime! Thanks for reading!

6 responses to “Guest Blog: The Cats Take Over the Writing”

  1. Tim Gieseke Avatar
    Tim Gieseke

    What a wonderful way to express our close relationship with our pets and their autonomy.

  2.  Avatar

    Adorable, Mary.

  3. Kathryn Page Avatar
    Kathryn Page

    Sweetness!!! And wonderful photos.

  4.  Avatar

    Makes me want a cat!

  5. William P Essert Avatar
    William P Essert

    Mary , I love it, meow! If you want more cat talk, check out the book that my Grandfather wrote called….
    Zits, an Autobiography of a Very, Very Special Cat https://a.co/d/3BNcgNH

    I have a small role in the story, too.


    And, thanks again for you and your Blog

  6. Nancy L. Wilson Avatar
    Nancy L. Wilson

    wonderful, thanks, Mary

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