Author, speaker, life coach, and advocate for aging with finesse  Dr. Flett has over two decades of experience working with aging adults in various settings to age better and age well. 



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  • Studied improv at The Second City in Chicago
  • Played oboe; still play guitar
  • Dined with Deepak Chopra
  • Cat mom to Max & Bela


Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Now Sofia University)

PhD awarded 1996

Transpersonal psychology explores the realms of human potential, along with a strong grounding in traditional psychological theories.

Eisenhower College

BA awarded 1975

Extraordinary liberal arts school (the living memorial to President Dwight David Eisenhower), using World Studies as the four-year core curriculum.  It taught me to think critically and encouraged me to be curious about history, culture, people, ideas, and how we can peacefully co-exist.


Founder, Five Pillars of Aging Seminars
Workshops on how to age better and age well.

Blogger, Aging with Finesse
Weekly blog on all things aging.

Podcasts and Videos

ZestfulAging Podcast with Nicole Will (Host)

March 5, 2022

Have you ever wondered who will take care of you as you age? It’s not always pleasant to think about, but the reality is that we may outlive our partners and family members. The truth is that many of us will be solo agers. So what are the choices we need to start thinking about right now to prepare for that time? (Apple Podcasts)

Aging Insights:

Spirited conversation with Dr. Cathy Rowe, ED of New Jersey Advocates for Aging Well on my books, workshops, and philosophy of aging. Includes guided meditation (26 minutes)

Knowledgeable Aging: with Jason Kotar (Host)

April 12, 2022

Jason and I explored what self-worth is all about as we age: knowing “I am enough”, believing there will “be enough”, defining what is “good enough”, and “having enough” of what matters – time, love, and connection. (33 minutes)

Hey, Boomer YouTube with Wendy Green (Host)

December 13, 2021

Wide-ranging conversation about the challenges we face as wel age. (45 minutes)

Live Long & Master Aging with Peter Bowes

February 2, 2022

Master interviewer Peter Bowes skillfully directs this engaging conversation about what it means to “feel old” in a culture that values being young. (41 minutes)

Boomers Today with Frank Samson (Host)

March 21, 2023

Spirited discussion of challenges facing aging adults with Frank Samson, founder of Senior Care Authority.

(32 minutes)