Aging in Place Consultation

Where Are You Going to Live?

Move closer to the kids? Get that beach-front condo? Deciding where to live as you age should involve more than finding something that fits your budget.

Where you end up living requires looking ahead 10-20 years. Will you need all that space? Will you need to live closer to town? Do you want to live with others? What kind of healthcare is nearby? These and other vital questions all center on quality of life and you adapting to changes in your functional capacity.

Quality of Life Essentials

Health care needs change as you age. Who is available to care for you?

What happens if you can’t drive? What alternatives are there?

Climate change is now a factor in where you choose to live.  Excessive heat, drought, flooding, and fire are realities that impact your vulnerability.

Creativity is key to well-being.  Whether you are an artist, performer, or audience member, staying in touch with your creative side is essential.

Availability of nutritious foods is more common today than in the past. Still, accessing healthy eats can be challenging. 

Some of you may have to work and some may choose to work. 65 no longer means full stop. How will you manage transitioning from “doing” to “being”?

Life-long learning means sharing your knowledge as well as receiving it. Keeping abreast of change is a key strategy for aging well.

Well all have a shelf-life. How we come to terms with death and create meaning are spiritual needs, regardless of the source of comfort.

Trends in Housing

Assisted living?  Age-restricted community?  Co-housing?  Shared housing? So many choices!  Trends are changing on a daily basis.  Options, however, are getting fewer and fewer.

When was the last time you lived with someone other than a roommate, family, partner or pet? Congregate living is ideal for some, but others may find it too much of a transition. But once you have committed, will you be able to make a different choice?

Your “functional now” is going to be different from your “functional future.”  I don’t use a crystal ball.  I bring all my experience to working with you to make sure you have choice, no matter what challenges are are facing.

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