Life Transition Coaching

Growing Old Used to be Pretty Straightforward

You worked until you retired. You enjoyed several years of golfing, traveling, or fishing. You moved closer to the kids. You got sick. You died.

Things have changed. And they keep changing. You may have already put strategies in place for managing the expected transitions, but aging in the 21st century has already asked us to pivot and shift in ways no one could have predicted . . .

7 Reasons You Need Life Transitions Coaching

You are looking to add more purpose and meaning to your life

You want to create more than a financial legacy, and have some loose ends to tie up

You still have things you want to accomplish, but you are feeling stuck in how to go about them

You miss having structure and accountability

You are feeling “invisible” or “marginalized” and you want to be “seen” again

Your old ways of connecting with others don’t bring you satisfaction and validation

You are having difficulty transitioning from “doing” to “being”

Benefits of Coaching

Sometimes you may feel stuck.  Coaching is a short-term relationship where you and I work together to get you unstuck.  I use proven techniques and strategies to get you moving again.

Want to work on relationships? I’ll teach you communication styles and identify your strengths and weaknesses. I will also give you feedback, but unlike feedback from loved ones, parents, or bosses, mine won’t come with shame, blame, or judgment.

Feeling lost now that you are no longer working full-time? Many people feel disoriented when they first transition from “doing” to being”. Creating new patterns that stimulate your body and soul will help you through this transition. This is a rich and deeply satisfying experience that brings a sense of well-being and contentment to your life.

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Sliding Fee Available

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