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Life Transitions Coaching

Growing old used to be pretty straightforward. You worked until you retired. You enjoyed several years of golfing, traveling, or fishing. You moved closer to the kids. You got sick. You died.

Things have changed. And they keep changing. You may have already put strategies in place for managing the expected transitions, but aging in the 21st century has already asked us to pivot and shift in ways no one could have predicted.

Seven Reasons You Need Life Transitions Coaching

  1. You are looking to add more purpose and meaning to your life
  2. You want to create more than a financial legacy, and have some loose ends to tie up
  3. You still have things you want to accomplish, but you are feeling stuck in how to go about them
  4. You miss having structure and accountability
  5. You are feeling “invisible” or “marginalized” and you want to be “seen” again
  6. Your old ways of connecting with others don’t bring you satisfaction and validation
  7. You are having difficulty transitioning from “doing” to “being”

What is Coaching?

Coaching focuses on identifying, setting and then meeting your goals. Initially we meet weekly by phone or on Zoom to get to know each other and set your goals, but once those goals are set, my job is to support, encourage, cheerlead, and offer course corrections that will get you results.

Benefits of Coaching: Some Examples

Want more purpose? We’ll look at your values and align them with your actions. If there are gaps, we’ll identify them and strategize how to close them. Once you are in alignment, our work is done.

If you are looking to improve relationships, we will explore communication styles and identify strengths and weaknesses. As your coach, I will provide opportunities to build new skills. You will also get feedback, but unlike feedback from loved ones, parents, or bosses, mine won’t come with shame, blame, or judgment.

If you are feeling ungrounded and lost now that you are no longer working full-time, I will partner with you in exploring ways of experiencing who you are now outside of the old labels. This is a rich and deeply satisfying type of coaching that brings a sense of well-being and contentment to your life.

I’m happy to talk with you and see if coaching is for you and if we would be a good fit. Just go the contact page and hit “Submit”, and I’ll get back to you!

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Hourly Rate$90.00

Aging-In-Place Consultations

Deciding whether to age in place or move somewhere is daunting! I will help you sort out what is really important and guide you in making choices that make you feel most at home, most supported, and with the degree of independence that is just right for you.

A typical retirement arc used to be downsize from home/community where you worked, raised your children, or grew up in, and move to a place that was smaller and easier to maintain. From there, the next move was to a retirement community or in with the kids. The next move was to assisted living. The final move was either the grave, or the hospital, then the grave, or the hospital, the skilled nursing facility, then the grave.

Current trends include staying put and making your home elder-friendly, living lean in tiny homes, finding a supportive community through co-housing, leaving the U.S. and becoming an ex-pat, and for those of us solo agers, sharing space.

What I Offer

I will brainstorm possibilities with you and help you determine your optimal housing preferences, no matter where they may be geographically. This will help you settle in more quickly, and lower the overall stress inherent in moving at any age.

Wherever you end up, you are going to want to know your access to and/or risk exposure to:

  1. Access to Transportation other than Personal Vehicle
  2. Community Resources and Expectations
  3. Healthcare Access and Needs
  4. Vulnerability to Climate and/or Economic Change

Thinking through what matters to you most in terms of preserving photographs, memories, and valuables is fairly straightforward. Actually getting it accomplished, however, is typically where people find they get stuck. I will hold you accountable in seeing that these tasks get done.

Fill out the fields in the contact form and hit submit. I’ll call you and we can discuss your needs.

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Hourly Rate$90.00

Whole-Person Evaluations

“You are Here!”

What if you had something available to you that pinpointed where you were in terms of how well you are functioning physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially?  What if you knew your strengths in terms of your problem-solving skills?  What if you could improve your capacity for paying attention and learning new things? What if you could discuss important decisions like whether you want to be kept alive using tubes and machines with someone who is knowledgeable and neutral?  Would that be useful as you age?

What Is Whole-Person Evaluation?

In almost every area of our lives there are evaluations that pinpoint things that are wrong and things that are working well. You see your primary healthcare provider for health-related issues. You take your car to the mechanic. You talk with your financial planner about your retirement income. Why not have a specialist who can help you see the big picture when it comes aging better and aging well?

Four Benefits of a Whole-Person Evaluation

  1. Manage risk
  2. Identify potential needs and assess availability of resources to meet those needs
  3. Create a profile of key information for future providers/caregivers who may not know you or have time to learn who you “used to be”
  4. Validate and reinforce your strengths and capacities

“No Man is an Island”

None of us exists in a vacuum. Over time, we can see just how different influences have formed our beliefs about ourselves, how others see us and interact (or don’t) with us, and how the culture we were raised in and the times we grew up in have shaped our beliefs, ideas, and values. This is a dynamic interaction and is of particular use when we begin to look back on our lives and take stock.

All these factors contribute to your whole-person evaluation. I can assess and determine what changes within your family (including physical, cognitive, and emotional changes) will put excess strain on existing vulnerabilities and which strengths you will be able to rely on.

I can predict whether you will have a rocky transition into retirement or if you will blossom when the 9-to-5 grind is over. I can factor in social and cultural issues that may be interfering with your trusting health care providers or feeling connected to the community you live in.

When put together, you will have a clear idea of your whole-person resources to manage the challenges that aging presents.

Whole-Person Evaluation Package

The process is straightforward and can be done virtually or in person. We will meet for two or three conversations where I will gather information about you and your background. The initial conversations include a series of questions designed to gather information about the family you grew up in, your schooling and work experiences, any major events that impacted your life (e.g., political, physical, emotional, or historical), and your current experiences (Life-mapping).

I will then evaluate your cognitive functioning. The cognitive evaluation consists of pencil and paper tests as well as activities designed to assess current memory, attention, and problem-solving abilities.

Finally, I will provide you with a report that summarizes my findings and gives you a document to share as you wish. We will go over the results and create a plan.

Want more information? Fill out the contact form and hit submit.

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