I have so much to give thanks for, not least of which is this platform for sharing my gratitude. I am using it this year to offer you my list of things I am giving thanks for and to memorialize the sublime and the mundane. This allows me to reminisce as well as pontificate – two realms where I shine!

For this Thanksgiving, may each of you find foods that you love and nourish you on your plate. May you embrace those who are present or absent from your table and hold them in your heart, and may you enjoy the many blessings of the bounty you are about to receive. May you find yourself surrounded by love this Thursday and enjoying your leftovers on Friday!

Sublime Gratitude

Wisdom teachings of the Buddha as shared by Pema Chodron and made available online

Weekend breakfasts with KP enjoying good food and nourishing conversation

Peet’s Coffee

Resiliency of our political process, even in the face of change and chaos

Commitment of so many people to helping each other, whether in times of disaster (Hurricane Ian) or day-to-day (Meals on Wheels workers)

Reporters (especially the PBS Newshour!)


My two cats who make me laugh every day

Mundane Gratitude

Hot showers

Sunsets and sunrises

Down comforters

Neck wraps

Hot pads

Grab bars

Comfortable shoes

Rolling garbage cans

Sublime Gratitude

Living in a beautiful part of the country

A physical body that, in spite of my neglect, continues to carry me forward

My 2009 Honda CRV that, in spite of my neglect, continues to ferry me around

Good neighbors

Close friends

Long phone conversations with friends who have known me for decades

My ability to manifest the outcomes I intend and make my way in the world without restraint

Availability of great food and my skills and enjoyment in making good use of it

Mundane Gratitude

Day planners

Cell phones

Radio on my computer, in my car and on my phone

Books, books, books, books

Sharp knives

Clean sheets

Microwave ovens


Sublime Gratitude

Medicare/Social Security

My great-grandmother’s plates

Memories of wonderful gatherings


Access to the internet

Nancy Pelosi



Mundane Gratitude


Streaming TV


The internet



Writers, novelists, poets, and playwrights

Music and musicians


Laughing again



Happy Thanksgiving.

4 responses to “Thanksgiving, 2022”

  1. Anne W. Ackerson Avatar

    Thoughtful lists, Mary. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Berkeley Fuller-Lewis Avatar
    Berkeley Fuller-Lewis

    Mary, we send you a gratitude-filled Turkey Day, plus more energy as well in your Compassionate Quest to assist others. In particular, I am grateful that the “divine discontent” (refusal to “settle”) I was born with, propelled me first to uncover the “real me” and second, that that Journey brought to me the husband of my dreams. We Qvell!

  3.  Avatar

    Mary, you have such a gift for expressing your feelings..Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’m glad we found each other. 🥰🦃

  4.  Avatar

    I love the lists. All of them!!

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