Mary L. Flett, Ph.D.

“Confront the difficult while it is still easy.” Lao Tzu


I help people age better and age well. I can help you by listening without judgment, by providing a different way of looking a things, by connecting you with resources, and by making complex or confusing things easy to understand.


I have dedicated my professional career to working with aging adults in different venues including estate planning, psychology, and adult education. Each of these has given me different perspectives that help anticipate and adjust to the changes aging brings, and gives me a strong foundation to embrace those changes.


I have learned from, worked with, been mentored by and served aging adults since I was 14. I am now almost 70. As a life transitions coach, I continue to share my skills and experience with others in managing the challenges of aging in the 21st century.

Managing Life Transitions

Feeling stuck? Lost a sense of purpose and meaning? I can help you clarify your goals, identify obstacles holding you back, and collaborate with you and recommend strategies for aging better and aging well.

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Whole-Person Evaluations

Things change as we age. What is working well for you now could change in an instant or 10 or 20 years down the road. A whole-person evaluation gives you a “big picture” view of your functioning, including cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and situational factors. Find out what your strengths are and plan for where you might need support.

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Aging-In-Place Consultant

Maximize your choices as you think about where you want to live as you grow older. Things to consider? Have you thought about options if you can’t drive? What is your risk exposure to climate change? What if things don’t turn out the way you planned? Strategies and plans for those who want to remain a step ahead.

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About Dr. Mary Flett

Educator, life transitions coach, consultant, writer, and nationally-recognized speaker. Also an aging adult!

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