A friend and I went to see “Moving On”, the latest Jane Fonda/Lily Tomlin picture. I am so grateful that these actors are finding vehicles that shed light, albeit Hollywood-tinged lighting, on the challenges of growing old in this country. Lily Tomlin plays Evvie, a former […]
Disclosure:  I have only seen four of the pictures nominated for Best Picture. Having said that, I have an opinion on just about everything connected with the Oscars. And, I’m going to share it with you! Movies as Extracurricular Education Going to the movies used be […]
I’ve kept a 5-Year Journal since 2010. I make brief, daily entries that are snapshots of my day. This day (March 5) in 2020, I was in Sydney, Australia, having just arrived after a lovely, week-long vacation in Honolulu. It was before COVID. This trip marked […]